Part 1 Writing


Recent decades have seen the rapid development of information technology, and thereby E-books have wound their way into our daily life. Because of the wide and quick popularity of E-books, there has been an increasing controversy over the question of whether E-books will replace traditional books or not.

Many people hold the idea that it will not take long for E-books to replace traditional books because E-books have quite a few advantages over traditional ones. First, E-books are more accessible to readers, www.cet6w.com just need to log onto the internet and read online. Second, thanks to the advanced technology, the cost of E-books is much lower, so it takes readers far less money to buy E-books. Last but not the least, reading E-books has developed into part of our daily life, which is particularly appealing to young users, who are the body part of the users of electronic products.

As far as I’m concerned, it is not likely for E-books to replace traditional books for lots of reasons. For example, long time of reading E-books will do more harm to our eyes, and readers will find themselves more accessible to printed materials because computers and the internet haven’t yet been popularized to every corner of our life.


E-books, or electronic books, have the same information and need the same reading experience as the traditional books, which you actually hold in your hands. E-books have so many benefits that they will replace traditional books.

E-books can be created on a shoestring budget while the authors of traditional books will have to overcome a tough sales target before they even consider making a profit on the book. E-books are quicker to create because they could be written and published in as little as a week while the time span between starting a traditional book and writing it could take around a year or two. E-books are easier to target a wide market because they may be sold on the Internet to anyone with a credit card and an Internet connection in any place in the world, while with a traditional book it may be difficult to expand to new markets, since it will involve further significant costs on distribution and marketing.

To conclude, E-books are a very valuable tool that could be used as a profit centre, as a publishing tool or as a marketing tool. They have many advantages over the traditional books. E-books will replace traditional books.

Part 2 Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)

1. D) Scientists’ vision of the world in half a century.

2. B) may not come true

3. A) humans won’t have to donate organs for transplantation

4. C) live to 100 and more with vitality

5. C) alien life will likely be discovered

6. A ) might survive all catastrophes on earth

7. D) lost fingers and limbs will be able to regrow

8. artificial intelligence

9. weapons

10. religion

Part 3 Listening Comprehension

Section A

11. D) The man is a fan of world-famous football players.

12. D) Solve his problem by doing a part-time job.

13. C) A real nuisance.

14. A) The errors will be corrected soon.

15. B) He has to type his paper once more.

16. A) They might have to change their plan.

17. D) They are not late for a loan application.

18. C) The quality of air will surely change for the better.

19. B) Numerous varieties of food.

20. B) A world of antiques.

21. D) It generates 70% of the electricity it uses.

22. B) 30,000

23. C) Thinking about doing a different job.

24. A) She has finally got a promotion and a pay raise.

25. B) He changed his mind about marriage unexpectedly.

Section B

Passage 1

26. D) They are getting more popular as a means of water recreation.

27. A) Water scooter operators lack of experience.

28. B) They produce too much noise.

29. D) Enforce necessary regulations.

Passage 2

30. D) They are changing.

31. B) Not many of them stay in the same place for long.

32. C) Keep a friendly distance.

Passage 3

33. D) It may lead to a lack of properly educated workers.

34. B) It affects both junior and senior high schools.

35. C) Rewarding excellent academic performance.

Section C

36. survive

37. complicated

38. offenders

39. whereby

40. incurring

41. influence

42. serving

43. restore

44. The alternative to capital punishment is longer sentences. But they would certainly cost the tax payers much money.

45. that does not mean that person isn't guilty of the crime, or that he shouldn't pay society the debt he owes.

46. a large part of it in prison for acts that he committed while not in full control of his mind.

Part 4 Reading in Depth

Section A

47. causing a reaction

48. an emotional debate

49. The approval of every victim’s family

50. exploiting a national tragedy

51. raise awareness

Section B

Passage 1

52. B) Their currency has slumped.

53. C) They have to spend more money when buying imported goods.

54. D) They think of it as a good tourist destination.

55. C) They vacation at home rather than abroad.

56. A) The dollar’s value will not increase in the short term.

Passage 2

57. D) They care more about which college their children go to than the children themselves.

58. A) They want to increase their children’s chances of entering a prestigious college.

59. C) Kid’s actual abilities are more important than their college backgrounds.

60. B) Degrees of prestigious universities do not guarantee entry to graduate programs.

61. C) they experience more job dissatisfaction after graduation

Part 5 Cloze

62. A) soar

63. D) route

64. A) Of

65. A) import

66. A) offering

67. C) announced

68. D) Consistently

69. A) quotas

70. C) barely

71. D) abolished

72. C) initiative

73. B) but

74. D) version

75. A) because

76. B) automatic

77. D) dismissed

78. C) about

79. C) professionals

80. A) prospect

81. B) clearly

Part 6 Translation

82. We can say a lot of things about those who are devoted to poems in their whole lives (毕生致力于诗歌的人): they are passionate, impulsive and unique.

83. Mary couldn’t have received my letter, or she should have made a reply last week. (否则她上周就该回信了).

84. Nancy is supposed to have finished her chemistry experiment(做完化学实验) at least two weeks ago.

85. Never once has the old couple quarreled with each other (老两口相互争吵)since they were married 40 years ago.

86. The prosperity of a nation depends largely on (一个国家未来的繁荣在很大程度上有赖于) the quality of education.


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