Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, is one of the world’s most popular social networking sites. Some of the stories it has generated give a glimpse into life in modern China. Let’s see how this social platform influences people’s lives with our reporter He Beibei.

These kids are from a poor rural area in China and suffer a lot from hunger. But thanks to the Free Lunch project, now more than 20,000 children can leave starvation behind.

The founder of this so called "micro philanthropy" is Deng Fei, a journalist, but also a fan of microblogging. He has more than 2 million followers on his Sina microblog.

Deng Fei, Founder of "Free Lunch", said, "Weibo is a tool to mobilize, unite and gather everyone together. It gives me enormous power and a huge ability to do as many charities as I can and help more people. With so many supporters, I feel I have become more strong."

With it’s great appeal, this community-sponsored charitable activity has even gotten the support of a national fiscal policy.

Deng Fei, Founder of "Free Lunch", said, "Without the platform of Weibo, it wouldn’t have had this kind of influence."

Sina Weibo, China’s most popular microblogging service now boasts at least 300 million registered users, bringing a more colorful life to everyone.

I can get lots of information, and Weibo has changed my views on things, even if just on trivial matters. Everyone participates in the discussion; it’s a very interactive place.

Weibo can let strangers become less unfamiliar and I can make more friends with it.

Micro-blogging helps my work. There are many microblogs officially verified by enterprises.

The concept of lifestyle and making friends is more open, and the mainstream voice is more grass-roots. We are more willing to share.

Concern makes changes. Through the channel of microblogging, even common people’s opinions can be reflected. To some extent, it has improved some social problems.

Like Deng Fei said, on the one hand, his own life has changed a lot. On the other hand, the lives of people who he helped has also had a great change. As a result, Weibo has changed our day-to-day lives in the way we communicate with each other, and had a massive effect on news services, marketing… even on how government makes policies.

Only 140 characters long, and sent in the blink of an eye, Weibo has changed our way of life. A lot of people are hoping that Weibo won’t just bring us rapid-fire sharing and extra convenience, but also promote virtue and justice, building a better society for everyone.

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