2016.12.17 CET6英语六级考试翻译真题及范文(考神)




  With China’s booming economy, the number of people who learn Chinese grows rapidly。 It makes Chinese become one of the favorite languages that people would like to learn。 Recently, Chinese universities rise significantly in world university rankings。 Since the significant progress made in Chinese education, it is no wonder that China has been one of the most favored places for overseas students。 In 2015, nearly 40,0000 international students swarmed into the Chinese market。 Not confined to Chinese language and culture, the subjects they choose to learn also include science and engineering。 Although the global market is still dominated by US and UK, China is striving to catch up。



  With the improvement of living standards, vacation plays a more important role in the Chinese life。 In the past, they had spent most of their time making a living and barely had a chance to travel。 However, China’s tourism industry flourishes in recent years。 Economic prosperity and the emergence of the affluent middle class leads to an unprecedented tourism boom。 Chinese people like to travel both at home and abroad, and overseas trips have become increasingly common among them。 During the National Day holiday in 2016, tourism spending totaled more than 400 billion yuan。 World Trade Organization estimates that China will become the world’s largest tourist country by 2020, and it will also become one of the fastest-growing countries on outbound tourism spending in the next few years。

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