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Being Great by Doing Small Things

There is no doubt that many people want to be great and successful, but only a few can climb to the top and be admired by the world. However, it doesn’t mean that most of us are losers. Actually everyone can achieve high by doing small things in a great way.

We have to admit that there are something that we cannot accomplish right now, but it isn’t the excuse for us to stop trying. Being great needs time and patience, so only when all small accomplishments add up can many impossibilities gradually turn to possibilities. At least, one won’t regret for not making effort to achieve the goal. For example, one may doesn’t have the resources or training on how to be a world-class musician, but by constant practice of every short piece of music, he can still bring happiness, comfort and inspiration to his family members and friends, then this person is great in the eyes of the audiences.

Therefore, never cease the pace on the road to our dreams. As long as we stick to our goal and be serious to whatever related to it, we can be considered as great.


本题由谚语 “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” 引出话题,探讨成就与大事和小事之间的关系,对“大”与“小”进行辨证理解。话题与往年出现的成功、大事小事、积累、坚持等都有关联。本题难度较大,从日常学习上升到成就与感悟,需要考生在平日多进行批判思考,才能在考场上有话可写。



第一段:首先从对成功的渴望做铺垫(There is no doubt that many people want to be great and successful)接着转折说不是所有都能达到预期,最后点明下文论述重点:每个人都能从做小事变为大人物(everyone can achieve high by doing small things in a great way)

观点一:成功需要小事的长时间积累 (only when all small accomplishments add up can many impossibilities gradually turn to possibilities);观点二:把小事做好不会让自己有遗憾(one won’t regret for not making effort to achieve the goal);最后再加例子证明:小事做好就是成功(then this person is great in the eyes of the audiences)。

第三段:Therefore… 总结全文,强调不放弃梦想,做好每件小事就是成功。



1. C. Attend the concert.
2. D. None of the passengers were injured or killed.
3. A. An article about the election.
4. A. The restaurant was not up to the speaker’s expectations.
5. C. He has many things to deal with right now.
6. D. More students have to appear to make their voice heard.
7. B. The speakers like watching TV very much.
8. D. The woman will be able to attend the classes she wants.


9. C) Export bikes to foreign markets.
10. B) The government has control over bicycle imports.
11. A) Extra costs might eat up their profits abroad.
12. C) Conduct a feasibility study.

13. B) Anything that can be used to produce power.
14. D) Oil production will begin to decline worldwide by 2025.
15. B) Start developing alternative fuels.


16. A) The ability to predict fashion trend.
17. D) Purchasing handicrafts from all over the world.
18. B) She is doing what she enjoys doing.


19. B) Get involved in his community.
20. A) Deterioration in the quality of life.
21. D) They are too big for individual efforts.
22. C) He had done a small deed of kindness.


23. B) Pressure and disease.
24. A) It experienced a series of misfortunes.
25. C) They could do nothing to help him.


26. are supposed to
27. inserting
28. drawing-out
29. distinguished
30. spark
31. flame
32. schooling
33. controversies
34. are concerned with
35. dissatisfaction



36. C) controlled
37. L) slash
38. M) specializing
39. K) professionals
40. E) forged
41. A) accountable
42. F) incentives
43. B) capacity
44. H) overstated
45. O) subsequently


46. It is best to use an EMV card for international travel.
H. Some big banks, like Wells Fargo……

47. Personal information on credit and debit cards is increasingly vulnerable to hacking.
B. Swipe is the operative word: …….

48. The French card companies adopted EMV technology partly because of inefficient telephone service.
G. Chip-and Pin cards, by contrast, make fake cards……

49. While many countries use the smarter EMV cards, the U.S. still clings to its old magstripe technology.
C. The solution could cost as little as $2 extra for every piece of plastic issued……

50. Attempts are being made to prevent hackers from carrying out identity theft.
A. A thin magnetic stripe (magstripe) is all that stands between……

51. Credit cards are much safer to use than debit cards.
I. Keep in mind, too, that credit cards typically ……

52. Big banks have been reluctant to switch to more secure technology because of the higher costs involved.
D. Why haven’t big banks adopted the more secure technology? ……

53. The potential liability for retailers using magstripe is far more costly than upgrading their registers.
E. Multiply $3 by the more than 5 billion magstripe credit and prepaid cards…...

54. The use of magstripe cards by American retailers leaves consumers exposed to the risks of losing account information.
F. That leaves American retailers pretty much alone the world……

55. Consumers will be a driving force behind the conversion from magstripe to EMV technology.
O. Credit and debit cards, though, are going to be……


Passage One

56. B) They are used by big businesses to monopolize agriculture.
57. D) More scientific research on GM crops.
58. A) Feeding the growing population makes it imperative to develop GM crops.
59. D) Whatever is useful to boost farming efficiency should be encouraged.
60. C) Efforts spent on it should be turned to more urgent issues of agriculture.

Passage Two

61. C) Unemployment.
62. D) Pour money into the market through asset buying.
63. B) Deflation.
64. C) Tighten financial regulation.
65. A) She possesses strong persuasive power.



Han Dynasty was one of the most important dynasties in Chinese history. There were many significant achievements during the Han Dynasty. It was the first to open its doors to other cultures. Foreign trade flourished during this period. The Silk Road initiated by Han Dynasty led all the way to the West Asia and even to Rome. Various forms of art prospered, with the emergence of a lot of literature, history and philosophy masterpieces. 100 A.D. witnessed the completion of the first Chinese dictionary which included 9000 words, providing interpretation and various styles of writing. Meanwhile, technology had also achieved great progress. Paper, water clocks, sundials and earthquake detectors were invented. The reign has lasted for 400 years. However, the corruption of the rulers eventually led to its downfall.


1. 词汇考查:本篇是六级三套试卷中词汇考查最侧重的一篇,有朝代(dynasty),统治(reign),对外贸易(foreign trade),丝绸之路(the Silk Road),中西亚(the West Asia),罗马(Rome),哲学(philosophy),巨著(masterpiece),编撰(compile),水钟(water clock),测量地震的仪器(earthquake detector),腐败(corruption),灭亡(downhill / demise)。
2. 语法考查:最高级考察(汉朝是中国历史上最重要的朝代之一),同主语分句的翻译(它最先向其他文化敞开大门,对外贸易兴旺),并列结构的翻译(涌现了很多文学、历史、哲学巨著),被动语态(公元100年中国第一部字典编撰完成),无主句的翻译(提供释义并列举不同的写法)。

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