The interesting, and sometimes difficult, part about having two different startups in different stages is managing our personal dynamic when one business is taking off, while the other is experiencing growing pains. The stages of each business may not always be in sync, and while the business paths are parallel, our journeys can be completely different.

When Juliette launched and received positive feedback and strong numbers out of the gate, ROMIO was working through the developmental challenges of a website re-launch. The emotional differences we experienced, with Rechelle elated and Tarik frustrated, made it hard for us to celebrate and induced guilt from both of us. A good way we worked through the emotional difference was by communicating about each other’s difficulties and sacrifices, and trying not to let guilt or envy take over.


We as entrepreneurs have an innate drive that keeps us going. While that drive can be hard for us to maintain sometimes, being married to another entrepreneurial spirit keeps our business passions alive.

When we talk about how our days went when we are relaxing at home with Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, it’s always interesting for us to hear how different, yet similar, our experiences are, from the tales of ROMIO’s site development to the steady build of Juliette’s client base. These seemingly innocuous conversations are enough for us to spark the flame that keeps our passions and interests alive, and keeps the experience memorable.

Work-life balance can be difficult to achieve when running a startup, but when you’re married to another entrepreneur, the chaos can be twice as fun as it is challenging. We do our best to take mental breaks, share resources and be mindful and encouraging to strengthen both of our businesses and maintain a healthy relationship at home.

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