She may only be little, but Hannah Robertson has a lot of big opinions - and an even bigger voice.

The nine-year-old showed it off at a McDonald's shareholders meeting in Oak Brook, Illinois on Thursday morning when she cornered the fast-food chain's CEO, Don Thompson.

'Mr. Thompson, don't you cet6w.com healthy so they can live a long and healthy life?' she asked during the meeting's question and answer session.

Hannah has been well schooled in healthy eating; her mother, Kia, is a children's nutritional activist and creator of 'Today I Ate a Rainbow' - a game encouraging children to eat different fruits.
汉娜在健康饮食方面受到了非常好的教育:她的母亲起亚是一位儿童营养倡导主义者,制作过一个名叫“今天我吃了彩虹” 鼓励孩子们吃不同水果的游戏。

'I don't think it's fair when big companies try to trick kids into eating food. It isn't fair that so many kids my age are getting sick,' she said, suggesting the company targets children with its advertising.
她在发言中表示:“我认为大公司试图欺骗孩子们吃这些垃圾食品非常不公平。在我这个年纪的孩子很多都生病了,真的不公平。” 她认为麦当劳利用广告向目标对象孩子们推销食品。

But Thompson did not falter with his response. 'We don't sell junk food,' he said, USA Today reporter. 'My kids also eat McDonald's.'

He added that he watched what his children eat, making sure they eats lots of fruit and vegetables at home, and that McDonald's sells fruit, such as apple slices, in children's meals.

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